Thursday, April 15, 2010

Springtacular Special!!!!!!

Springtacular Special…$75

Here’s the 4-1-1:

Details on the session:

    • One hour session (additional time is $25/hour)
    • unlimited clothing/prop changes (hey, it’s your time, we can do what you want with it!)
    • one location ($10 for each additional location)

Product you’ll receive from me:

    • 15 of your favorite pictures will be edited (some call it the beautification process, some call it perly-ing ‘em upcall it what you want, but in short, I’ll make your eyes brighten or change to black & white or brighten/subdue the colors, or add text, etc)
    • these same 15 pictures will be given to you as digital negatives on a high-resolution CD/DVD that you may take to wherever you desire to have as many prints made at whatever size and cost you desireyou MAY NOT alter the pictures, thoughthat’s my job, just ask me to do it J
      • If you chose to have more than 15 pictures edited, it is $3 per picture to edit
      • If you would like to buy more than 15 digital negatives, this is possible, the price is based on the number of digital negatives you would like to purchaseor, if you’d rather, you can purchase pictures from me (that I will order from a professional photo lab)
    • you’ll receive an 8x10 of one of the pictures you chose to edit (this will be a high-quality photo from a professional photo lab)

The scoop about the moo-lah:

    • $50 deposit is due at the time of bookingyou may pay in cash or via paypal (I will give you instructions on how to pay via paypal without either of us getting fees)I must have this deposit to hold your time slot (and find myself a babysitter)the deposit is non-refundable or transferable (with the exception of extreme weather which would not allow for a proper session)
    • the remaining $25 is due when you tell me your favorite 15 picks and order the 8x10

How do I get the ball rolling??

  1. YOU: Call me/email me to look at possible datesuntil I receive your deposit, I will tentatively put you on my schedule, but I can not hold the date until deposit is received
  2. YOU: Pay me the deposit
  3. YOU: Show up for and have your pictures taken
  4. ME: I will notify you when pictures are ready to be previewed
  5. YOU: look at the pictures and then email me your top 15 along with whichever picture you’d like made into an 8x10
  6. ME: I will edit the pictures, order the 8x10 and call you when they have arrived (usually about a week)
  7. WE: will will jump for joy that we have captured your memories and bonded through artwork
  8. YOU (this one’s optional, but appreciated): will pass the word along about me and my special and
  9. ME: I will be grateful for the referral J

I look forward to hearing from you!!!


Candace J. Banks; 325-518-9918

“From the fullness of HIS grace, we have all received one blessing after another” John 1:16

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