Friday, May 21, 2010

Rarely do my boys pose for me...don't get me camera is ALWAYS in their faces, but rarely do they let me play by posing them and even more rare is it that they will give me sweet smiles...but last night they were so precious...and I just had to share my sweet little boys (who aren't so little anymore--Corbin has now lost his 1st 2 teeth (the 1st one was the night these were taken, the second came out the next day!--and Brendan has lost 4 teeth and is working on a 5th!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Meet Mark, Mindy, & Kaelyn!!!

Meet my friends, the Mark, Mindy and Kaelyn...they are my friends and they go to church with me (which I happen to think is a bonus!)

This was a really fun photo shoot and a beautiful location to boot (it was at Mark's mom's house)! Mark and Mindy have by far been the most laid-back parents and little Kaelyn was such a joy---she let us do almost anything with her...

Thank you, my friends, for letting me be a part of your lives!

P.S...these are the family's favorites...I converted some to b&w so don't be confused if you think you're seeing double....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

05-04-10 Sweet Little Lauren... xoxox!

I got to take pictures of the sweetest little 3 month old baby girl this week...she was sooo good for me! She just did whatever I asked of her (which included going to sleep so we could get some of those bare-bottom-unbelievably-cute-shots...btw, at 3 months of age, this almost never happens!! that was big fun for me!). Thank you, Lauren, for being such a good little girl---and thank you to her Mommy for letting me take her pictures!!

I pray that these pictures will bless you for years to come, Candace.
P.S....I'm doing something new right now...I am letting the moms pick their faves for me to edit...pretty cool, huh? these are Lauren's Mommy's faves :)

Without further Lauren....