Thursday, July 31, 2008

My best pool friend, Ginger (& family)

Ginger & I are very good fact, she, like me, is a military wife--but unlike me, she moves A LOT...and everywhere she goes, she finds a new best friend (she's one of those people that it's easy to get attached to)...anywho, when she tells stories, she's always like "my best friend from____ this" or "my best friend from _____ that"... and as it turns out, she already has a best friend here in since I hook her up at the pool my family has a membership at, I told her that I'm her "best pool friend in Abilene"...ha, ha!

It was such a pleasure to take pictures of Jeff, Ginger, Erin & Jackson!! We had a blast at Buffalo Gap...and what I hope you see in these pictures is how much this family loves each other... They are a sweet, loving family who serve the Lord and it's my pleasure to share them with you!

More of pretty Allie...

I've finally finished editing the rest of Allie's pictures... She's become such a sweet part of our family...our kiddos like to call her Aunt Allie... She comes over all the time just to help me out and play with the kiddos...

So these were done as a gift for her to give to her boyfriend (soon to be fiance'!!) who is serving in Kuwait...


I just LLLOOOOVVVEEEE this picture...Allie's got Angelina Jolie lips...beautiful!!

Do you like the b&w or color one better?? I couldn't decide...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Senior Rep Search!!!

YAHOO!!!! You made it!!!
It's your SENIOR YEAR!!!

Ok, seniors, you're not your Mother
and these are not your Mother's High School Senior pictures...

So show who YOU are in your senior pictures
instead of blah blah blah monotonous studio shots
just like every other senior's pictures...

Expect the unexpected where fashion
meets grundge, meets a little retro,
meets funky, meets old school, meets edgy,

Become one of the 1st senior representatives for your school
and you can earn you some loot!

But you need to act fast!!!
I will only be accepting 1-2 seniors from each high school...

Q: What's in it for me, you ask?
A: The best advertising money can buy!

Question: What's in it for you??
A: You will receive a free senior session,
your portraits will be used for advertising (you never know
when you might turn around and see your face in town!!),
5 low-resolution images for your MySpace or Facebook,
and a chance to earn free prints and other goodies!

Q: Count me in! What do I need to do to get started?
A: Shoot me an email ASAP with a couple of
recent, fun photos of yourself...
I will look through them all and pick the winners!

Q: Do I need to be ultra-thin, perfect-bodied, etc?
A: Ab-so-lutely NOT!! I believe that we are created in
our Maker's image--and this is often MUCH different than
how the world sees us! :) My only rules are that I will not
shoot you in revealing clothing...this doesn't mean you can't
look cute, but I don't believe that less is more....believe me,
you will look good if I'm photographing you... :)

Q: Who can apply?
A: I'd like to have males and females...maybe one of each from each school...
So act quick and shoot me an email with your picture @

Q: What's the deadline?
A: I would like to have these done before school starts...
so the contest starts NOW and ends at the end of August.

Good luck to you!! Hope to hear from you soon!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Web & Kristi...and soon-to-be Carson...

Today I had the great pleasure of taking pictures of Kristi, her husband, Web, and soon-to-be Carson (he's growing in his mommy's tummy)...

It was my 1st time to be able to take pictures inside of the awaiting nursery & I had such a great time!

Thanks so much to Kristi & Web for sharing this special time with me! I hope I get to take some pictures of little Carson in the future!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sweet Baby Kaelyn...

I will be doing an "official" shoot for little Kaelyn pretty soon, but I couldn't help myself on Sunday and had to get a few shots of her...isn't she a cutie? She has an absolutely precious story that goes with her...but with her parents' permission, I'll share that with yall later...


Nikki's Maternity Shots...

Before I had my surgery, my friend, Nikki, & I got together and did her maternity shots... It was a lot of fun...especially b/c she brought her sweet daughter with her!