Thursday, July 31, 2008

My best pool friend, Ginger (& family)

Ginger & I are very good fact, she, like me, is a military wife--but unlike me, she moves A LOT...and everywhere she goes, she finds a new best friend (she's one of those people that it's easy to get attached to)...anywho, when she tells stories, she's always like "my best friend from____ this" or "my best friend from _____ that"... and as it turns out, she already has a best friend here in since I hook her up at the pool my family has a membership at, I told her that I'm her "best pool friend in Abilene"...ha, ha!

It was such a pleasure to take pictures of Jeff, Ginger, Erin & Jackson!! We had a blast at Buffalo Gap...and what I hope you see in these pictures is how much this family loves each other... They are a sweet, loving family who serve the Lord and it's my pleasure to share them with you!

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