Friday, September 26, 2008

Sweet Little Riley

Oh's been such a sweet sweet time in my Bible Class (the Jacob Dept)...we have had several families who have been patiently waiting to adopt and the Lord has provided several of these families within the last couple months with a precious blessing through adoption...

The latest addition to our Jacob Dept Family is little Riley...he has been adopted by my sweet friends, Krista & Darrell...and I got the sweet priveledge of taking a few pictures of him the other day...and I can't even express all the joy that my heart felt--every time I get to experience another family's adoption, it brings back the memories of adopting our precious 1st son, Brendan...

Congrats Darrell & Krista---may you be blessed by little Riley--I know he will be blessed by you!!

Love yall!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Just a Little Teaser... i HEART the McKee's!!!

I had the privilege of photographing a friend of mine's sister-in-law's wedding this past weekend...and while it'll be a while before I get a decent set of pictures posted, I just couldn't help myself and made a storyboard....

Congratulations Ryan & Amanda!!! More pictures to come, soon!

P.S....the "heart" picture in the bottom left is a painting that Ryan & Amanda made together....then at the wedding, the guests "signed" the painting & the end result is at the top right...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sweet little boy...Carter...

My friend, Priscilla, let me take pictures of her boy, Carter, the other day when we were at the zoo...most of these are the same minus a change of expression (which since I'm a mom, I know how I love ALL the expressions of my I couldn't pick just one...)

Love you, Cilla & Carter!!


Hayley Maternity

My good friend, Hayley, will be adding a sweet little baby girl to the family...she's delivering little Reese tomorrow morning and so I wanted to get these posted...Hayley's little boys, Caden & Luke, and my boys have the best time together (when I have time I'll have to post some pics of her & my boys)...

Good luck tomorrow morning, Hayley!! I love you!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Karissa & Justin

I had such a wonderful time this morning with Karissa & Justin! It was such a pleasure spending a couple hours with them shooting their engagement pictures!

Karissa & Justin have been dating for 4.5 years now and it was such a blast to see how much they love each other and how great of friends they are---I firmly believe that it is sooo important to marry your best friend...

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

P.S...the 1st picture is a storyboard that I created for them...they were just toooo sweet with each other!!

Do you like the color one (above) or the b&w one (below) better?

The next 3 are the same picture...but I just couldn't make up my mind which one of them I liked the best...can you help me out?? Leave me a comment & let me know, ok?

I added some texture to this one...just funk-i-fying it a little may or may not work for you--but I thought it was a fun play...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

We Are The Banks Bunch...

I'd like to introduce you to The Banks Bunch...and yes, this is MY family...these are my most favorite 3 guys in the WHOLE WORLD!!!

My husband, Kelly, has been soooo supportive through this crazy journey I started to take a year ago when I decided I wanted to pursue photography professionally...he has been my biggest supporter, my biggest fan...he's listened to me when I needed to vent and given me his shoulder to cry on when I felt like a failure...he has also given me the biggest hugs when I feel like celebrating and encouraged me when I really haven't done such a hot job...he's been my best friend for 7 years now and I'm so thankful I have him...and did I mention how handsome he is??...he's also an absolutely amazingly incredible father to our two boys Brendan & Corbin...

Brendan started Kindergarten this year and I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of him! He's got such a sweetness about him---which sometimes goes head to head with his orneryness...but seriously, he is an amazing hugger, he's a happy, playful kiddo who loves his brother despite how much he picks on him...and the sweetest thing about my little B is that he always remembers to tell me that he loves me and that I look pretty.

Corbin is about to turn 4 and bless his little heart, he has my personality through and through...he is a happy little kiddo who loves to be with friends--he plays so well with others...but I tell you what, when he gets his feelings hurt, they get seriously hurt--he does not like to be picked on or teased--he's so serious it's rediculous...this little boy of ours has more rhythm in one little hiney cheek than some people possess in their entire body...he LOVES music, LOVES to sing, and LOVES to get down and boogie! It's been so much fun having time with little Corbs while Brendan has been away at school.

Don't worry, I'm included in some of the pictures...this will ease some of yall's minds who have been so curious to see what I look like now...but let me tell you that these pics are already a month old and I've already lost another 10 pounds...My current weight loss to date is 60 pounds!! Yahoo!!

Hope you enjoy this peak into my life...


This is me...can you tell??