Saturday, September 6, 2008

Karissa & Justin

I had such a wonderful time this morning with Karissa & Justin! It was such a pleasure spending a couple hours with them shooting their engagement pictures!

Karissa & Justin have been dating for 4.5 years now and it was such a blast to see how much they love each other and how great of friends they are---I firmly believe that it is sooo important to marry your best friend...

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

P.S...the 1st picture is a storyboard that I created for them...they were just toooo sweet with each other!!

Do you like the color one (above) or the b&w one (below) better?

The next 3 are the same picture...but I just couldn't make up my mind which one of them I liked the best...can you help me out?? Leave me a comment & let me know, ok?

I added some texture to this one...just funk-i-fying it a little may or may not work for you--but I thought it was a fun play...

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Hayley said...

I LOVE these!!! They are great!