Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bailey, Courtney, Brookelynn...and Grandma Terri & Aunt Jennifer

Meet my sweet friends: Bailey, Courtney, and Grandma Terri and Aunt Jennifer got to be in a few pictures, too!!

It was a fun time and everyone did an amazing job--especially little Brookelynn--she was so tolerant of my flash constantly going off...I was amazed!

Hope you enjoy this post of this beautiful family!!

P.S...this is another pic-heavy post that has pics on both b&w and color---for the family's viewing...don't be confused if you see double... ;)

If you're wondering what the difference is btwn the pic above and the pic below is Brookelynn's eyes were left blue in the pic above...




Jen said...

What a fun experience! Candace has truly found her gift, we were never rushed and enjoyed the time she spent with us. Great photography! Many Blessings, Terri New

Beal Family said...

Candace was so great! She was so patient with us! It was such a great experience and hope to do it again as Brookelynn grows! Thanks Candace! ~Courtney