Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Personal Update-- My Gastric Bypass Surgery

I have been asked more times than I know how to answer:

"why haven't you posted anything recent on your blog about your surgery???---I want to see pictures!!!---I want details!!"

So, ok, I'll share some details...but no pictures...not yet at's not that I haven't been taking them, I'm just absolutely horrified at how BAD i looked before the surgery and although I look better, I'm just not quite ready to show off my stuff...

So here's the digits:
*** 8 = the number of weeks since my gastric bypass
*** 2 = the number of weeks since my emergency gallbladder surgery
*** 30.25 = the number of inches i have lost over various places on my body
*** 52 = the number of pounds i have lost
*** 193 = my current weight...i never thought this would be a proud day, but it is GREAT to be under 200!!!)
*** 50 = the number of pounds that i'd still like to lose...however, i'd be thrilled to death if i only lost 25 more pounds--my goal is to be about 150-160

I promise that I will post pictures...and I'm getting much more comfortable in my own skin so they should be here before the end of the year..


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